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Locally owned and operated since 2005 with the belief that everyone is deserving of superior, quality therapy. We adhere to our core values of kindness, compassion and integrity. Headquartered in Marquette, MI, UP Rehab Services is the rehabilitation leader across the Upper Peninsula in Physical, Occupational, Speech, Hand, Aquatic Therapy and Athletic Training. Providing advanced, evidence-based rehab to Nursing Centers, Outpatient Clinics and Hospital partnerships. Our qualified Rehab Specialists share our mission to provide the highest qualify rehabilitation care to the communities we serve.

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Information technology is a key component of our success and we embrace and integrate its use in all clinical and business operations. We offer unique systems such as an internal employee portal and sophisticated EMR system. This system allows for comprehensive management, clinical record tracking and in-depth analytics to validate organizational and clinical care decisions.

Customer Satisfaction

You won’t know what your customers are thinking until you ask them. We use online satisfaction tools for patients and their Physicians. This ensures we gather feedback and take meaningful actions to always meet their needs.

Evidence-based Practice

We achieve superior patient outcomes because all of our clinicians embrace research-validated treatment, and receive routine feedback about their performance.

Clinical Programming

We believe clinical programming needs to actively involve the key team players who will affect the patient.  Our therapists meet with physicians and medical partners to make sure we are in alignment with providing the best possible care.

Employee Recruitment and Satisfaction

At interview time, we make sure potential employees are fully vested in the success of our company. In turn, UP Rehab Services employees are given the opportunities they need to pursue their career goals. This allows personal and organizational success to exist in balance.


We understand that utilizing today’s technology is the key to doing good business and providing excellent customer service.

Casamba System

Working with software like Casamba EMR solutions, we are able to maximize both business and clinical success. We are able to simplify and automate tasks and workflows, alleviating the time demands and stress of operational and administrative processes, leaving more time and energy to focus on quality patient care.


Theralead is a web-based solution that connects information from the patient, to the physician, and then on to the therapist. With this software, we have the ability to improve communities by providing patient-driven healthcare solutions at low cost. This also gives us the upper hand when competing in a private market.



The dramatic success of UP Rehab Services, a company locally-owned, has a common denominator - providing value to our patients, hospitals, nursing centers, outpatient clinics and the communities we serve. Building great relationships that lead to - satisfied patients, unmatched outcomes, physician relationships, employees with rewarding careers and business success is what we do everyday.

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